Echo® H2 Drops (case of 24 tubes)


The Echo® H2 Drops are designed to drop 1 drop for every 3 ounces of water and creates 1.5 ppm of hydrogen with a standard usage.

This unique product uses the powerful qualities of elemental magnesium to create hydrogen in every bottle. Echo H2 Drops also provides the body with a superior form of magnesium for optimal health.

Echo H2 Drops deliver over 1.5ppm H2-infused water in seconds to


  • Support healthy gut function
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost metabolism
  • Boost your performance
  • Cut recovery times in health for athletes
  • Provide you maximum antioxidants.Each tube has the potential to make 90 sixteen ounce quantities of hydrogen enriched water and each drop creates one 3 oz (5 drops for 16 ounces) effervescent solution of rich hydrogen water.If you have any questions, call us at 800-337-7017Not functional in Reverse Osmosis or Distilled Water. The Echo H2 Drops need minerals or electrolytes to be present in water to yield Hydrogen in each bottle.



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